I've been intrigued by the similarities of technique in painting and photography.  The process from idea to finished product is very consistent.  With my photos, the RAW image serves as the starting point on a canvas.  While the camera has captured/frozen a specific moment in time, the photographer creates a vision of the moment with a particular frame of reference...a single image can be represented in a number of ways...using traditional photo techniques of burning/dodging to the myriad of options that exist in the digital realm. 

I've not yet been able to determine what motivated me to take a specific shot...color...texture...light...sarcasm...emotion...framing...composition...probably a combination of all of the above...fact is I love getting lost in the potential of a particular shot...more often than not, I'll miss...every now and then you feels things come together on a shot and you realize...hey I may have some small degree of talent.

It's all about what can be.